20 September 2010


Let me be clear.


Geez, you know it IS possible for a married couple with no children to have a crisis that can't be announced publicly yet.

And that crisis CAN be something other than pregnancy.

I got called as the Young Women's President in my ward.

Freaking out.

Wait, it gets better.

Phil...Young MEN'S President in our ward.

Yeah. REALLY freaking out.

It hadn't been announced, but I was having a crisis and needed to vent via blog.

My mistake.

12 September 2010


Sorry for not having any pictures on the last couple posts - my laptop doesn't want to connect to the BRAND NEW router we just got, and Phil's oh-so-glorious computer doesn't even have a memory drive hook-up. Anyways...

Heavenly Father's been sneaky lately. I can't go into too many details, for reasons I will explain in the near future, but...let's just say that just when I think I've got things figured out and under control, He throws in a whole new game plan. Sigh. Like...crazy. I've had to trust this past week that He knows me and what I'm capable of better than I do. At least I hope so, or we're gonna be in BIG trouble. :)

Inspired by a great talk my friend gave in our ward a few weeks ago, we've been practicing the principle of putting the Lord first and then letting Him bless us. First we tried it with school - we made our spiritual education a higher priority (aka...ACTUALLY reading our scriptures and praying before going to bed) in hopes Phil would get some help in school to stay on top of things, even with his 17 credits and 20+ hours of work/week. Poor man. And lo and behold, he's been doing great! Staying ahead with his reading and homework, and doing well in class!
So with my desperate work situation, we decided to try it out again. This past Fast Sunday we decided to amp up our Fast Offering to match our Tithing, show some faith, and trust He would step up and help us, since this whole "figure things out ourselves" plan was definitely NOT working out. So we paid up, and the very next day I got an offer for a month-long, 2-days-a-week job, which would triple my income. Not bad! Then just two days later I got a call for an interview for a full-time job!! Interview is tomorrow, and I'm driving myself crazy telling myself not to blow it "or ELSE"... but I've been so stunned at how ready and willing Heavenly Father has been to bless us when we simply ask for it and show a little faith by putting Him first. He wants us to do well in school and have stable and comfortable employment. He wants us to be able to afford our bills and be happy, and to think all we have to do is ask for His help! What a brilliant plan! He's been teaching us a lot this summer, and I know we have a few more big lessons coming in the very near future (stay tuned)!

Who does God’s work will get God’s pay, 
However long may seem the day, 
However weary be the way. 
No mortal hand, God’s hand can stay, 
He may not pay as others pay, 
In gold, or lands, or raiments gay, 
In goods that perish and decay; 
But God’s high wisdom knows a way, 
And this is sure, let come what may— 
Who does God’s work will get God’s pay.