31 July 2010


So I FINALLY broke down and bought running shoes. Cuz Phil thinks I'm getting fat and that I should work out. I found a $69.99 pair for $16.99, and snagged them. They're gorgeous. I'm so excited. Then yesterday I had the most miserably boring day EVER, and decided that today, I was gonna RUN. Naturally, it's too hot outside, so I slide on over to the clubhouse gym. Treadmill.

It's been a while. I'm not a runner, I don't claim to be a runner, I don't have any desire to ever be a runner. But I figured, what the heck, run. So I started running.

Walked for two minutes, ran for five, walked for two, ran for five, etc... Mile and a half. Not bad for my first day. Feeling good. Could have gone longer, except...

And you wonder why I don't run.

25 July 2010


Today was such a perfect day!! We got to sleep in late, cuddle for a while before doing anything productive, eat a huge yummy breakfast, play games before church, play games after church, and catch up on "our show" Persons Unknown. Just a really great day. Heaven knows I needed it after last week.

24 July 2010


To my in-laws. LOVE YOU! I seriously lucked out in the in-law department. My whole life I've sort of dreaded anticipated the whole "meet the in-laws" experience, but now I just look at my other married friends who are in eternal bondage to an awful family of psychos, and I just LOVE MY LIFE!

11 July 2010


It's been a whole year already, can you believe it?? We decided to go somewhere away from home for our anniversary, and chose Grand Junction, Colorado! Phil worked there a couple summers ago and I have a few friends from there, so we decided to make it a weekend trip!
So I have this list of things to do before I die, and one of them is to have something named after me. So Phil made it come true! I'm not a big star/constellation kind of person, but it was SO sweet, and I love him for being so thoughtful and cute! Oh, and his nickname for me is "Schlubbie," so he named the star "Emily, My Schlubbie".
What a romantic.
On the road to Grand Junction.
"We've got a golf course baby, out here in Carbonville..."
My in-the-car entertainment. Don't judge me.
It's a tradition we started on our honeymoon. Cactus Cooler is "our drink."
Phil's been ranting and raving about this sushi place, No Coast, in Grand Junction since the day I met him. It was pretty much one of the main reasons we picked Grand Junction for our anniversary. So naturally, he was really excited. First thing when we arrived Friday night after check-in was dinner.
I love sushi, but only when it's cooked tempura. I don't do the whole raw-slimy-fishy thing. But holy smokes...
Our waitress gave us an extra roll of the K.A. (which is the most amazing roll ever) cuz it was our anniversary...mmmh! And holy smokes, that dynamite sauce (the peach-ish one) was the BEST. EVER.
But happy.
Of course we had to hit Denny's for breakfast.
And I looked online and found this outdoors adventure place, Rimrock Adventures, that offers horseback riding and river rafting, so we stayed busy Saturday doing that!
That's my cowboy.
First time Phil's ever been on a horse!! He loved Zoonie!
My horse kept creeping up on Phil's, and actually passed them!
Phil's horse was just taking her sweet time...
And the terrain was actually pretty fun! Big drops and hills and rocks to go over...
And the scenery was GORGEOUS!!
Gettin' my tan on
And of course we had to go to the Main Street Cafe for lunch. Phil got the BLT (if you know Phil, you already knew that). Our waitress was retarded, but it was good, and I just love eating outside! AND we ran into a big group of my friends from BYU while we were there! Go figure! Then we walked around downtown and looked in some souvenir shops, and got a BEAUTIFUL stone chess set!! We're excited to start our little collection of things that would actually be worth passing on to our posterity.
For rafting, I started out with my camera in a zip-lock bag, but the water was pretty calm so I decided I would rather have pictures I could actually see. But I love Phil's smile in this picture.
Hopped in the water!!
The water felt SO good in the middle of the afternoon!!
Our guide let Phil take a stab at the oars...of course he loved it.
But if you know Phil, you already knew that... :)
Okay, pause. So for dinner Saturday night, everyone from Grand Junction said we had to go to The Winery. And HOLY SMOKES. I got the Pork Tenderloin with an Apple Peppercorn glaze...HEAVEN. I wanted to die it was SO good. The restaurant was beautiful (and expensive...once a year, Emily, once a year) and we had a great time relaxing after such a busy day talking about the past year and all the things we've learned and loved.
These were my gifts for Phil this year. A new razor head, cuz I got him a razor for our wedding last year, his favorite movie, and our new favorite game, Pandemic, with the expansion. What a lucky husband I have.

We made it! Our one-year mark! They say if you can survive the first year of marriage, you can survive anything, and I believe it! It has been the most challenging, emotional, rewarding, and happy year of my life, and I feel so lucky to be married to the best man in the world. I don't know another person who is so quick to forgive, easy to love, and willing to serve. I've learned so much from him this past year, and know I will keep learning the longer I know him. I'm trying every day to be worthy of all he does for me.
Love you baby.

08 July 2010


You know those moments when those principles you've been preaching your whole life finally come around and put you to the test? I hate love those moments. When you're left to really ask yourself if you really do believe in the plan? Do I really trust Heavenly Father to lead and direct my life? Do I really trust that He is in control, and that in spite of how devastating things might seem, they will all work out okay? Do I truly know I can overcome my challenges? Do I trust my patriarchal blessing?

Am I willing to work as hard as I possibly can so Heavenly Father can guide me to discover the solution myself?

05 July 2010


Fourth of July.
Dinner at PJ and Hailey's
Grilled Sausages, Red Pepper Risotto, Grilled Corn, and Creme Soda.
And topped off with Apple Pie and homemade ice cream for dessert.
But the feature of the night, hands down, was my neice Addison.
She kills me.
So Hailey was telling me a little while ago that when she brushes her teeth, she rinses off her brush and then gives it to Addison to use. BAD IDEA.
So I stole borrowed a kid toothbrush from my office.
So apparently at the end of the reunion they played a game called "Oi!" where you stand in a circle, and on the count of three make a sign and say "Oi!". This was one of the signs, and Addi does on cue now! It's SO cute!
And she says "ssshhh..." more like "ssssss...." but...
I just love her!!
So of course, it being her first 4th and all, Daddy really wanted her to see fireworks. So Hailey and I sat with Addi on the chairs while Alisha, Phil and PJ lit the bloomers from behind and threw them over our heads into the street.
She loved them!
Daddy (PJ) threw one over our heads, but mid-air it lit and changed directions, and landed RIGHT ON Hailey and Addi!! We all screamed and jumped to get away, and we left with just a little singe mark on Addison' sweater, but it scared her really bad
And needless to say,
Mommy was NOT happy with Daddy.
And Addi was unsure about the fireworks from then on.
Maybe next year.