28 June 2012


For a few weeks now,
I've had the feeling like we need to make our 72-hour kits
in case of an emergency or natural disaster
where we'd have to run.
For Personal Progress and my work C.E.,
I started thinking about our Emergency Preparedness Plan
and making to-do lists and to-buy lists and to-learn lists.
Now I'm starting to see why I felt like we needed to do that.
Because we didn't get a lot of snow or rain this winter
(which, let's be honest, I absolutely LOVED).
Because stupid, careless people (like some of our neighbors)
don't watch the news and aren't using "common sense"
when it comes to fireworks (and guns).
Because you never know when it's going to be YOUR city.

Praying for rain.
Praying for those who have lost their homes,
who may lose their homes,
and who are risking their lives to save them.
And preparing for the worst.
Because it's probably going to get worse.

23 June 2012


Sadly, these are all the pictures we took on our cruise.
Luckily, we went with a group,
so other people have more pictures
which we will try to acquire and share soon!
Hot Stones Massage Sample
 Funny towel animals

 An ugly busted toe from playing beach volleyball
 The beautiful St Thomas
(where we went snorkeling)
 To-DIE-for brisket sandwich
from a little hut on the beach in St Thomas

Wish we were there still.

21 June 2012


A few weeks ago,
Phil went with the scouts on four-day Wilderness Survival Campout
 They dropped the boys off about 8 miles away from camp
and told them to find their way in.
 They gave them:
two granola bars, three pieces of fruit, and two packets of oatmeal.
For the whole week.
 If they walked away from their pack,
the leaders would steal their food.
And no, they didn't get it back.
 A few leaders followed the diet,
But a few had to keep up their energy to make good decisions.
Phil was one of those.
For the boys' sakes.
 They tried to fish to supplement their diets
But no one caught anything.
 They broke them down physically, mentally, and emotionally
 And ended with a rabbit-killing/cooking
and a really strong testimony meeting.
And Phil's famous "Heart Attack Breakfast"
(bacon and deep-fried eggs on an English Muffin)
to end a ridiculous week.
They can't wait to do it again.

17 June 2012


We were having lots of fun with our little unnamed pets.
Playing with their reflections
And falling on their butts
But then Saturday afternoon, Phil came home from a long hike
and found one of our little guys stuck in the filter.
It looked like he got his arm sucked in
and then his whole body got wrapped up.
After some tears and "surgery"
he managed to get the poor guy out of the filter.
 When I got home that night Phil told me what had happened.
More tears.
Just knowing what he had gone through was so sad!
As you can see, his entire right hand was gone
and his whole right abdomen section was beet-red with internal bleeding
We hoped he would make it through
but he was gone when we woke up Sunday morning.
I already miss him.

14 June 2012


What we pay for vs what we use:
Obviously I have lots of friends.
That I keep in touch with oh-so regularly.
Depressing. In a funny way.

13 June 2012


We took a big step this weekend.
We're getting our first pets!
Those who know us know that this has been a long battle discussion.
Phil wants a dog, I tell Phil he's never getting a dog unless I die
(whose house does he think this IS, anyway?)
at Orem's Summerfest, we stumbled across this booth
With some tiny African Dwarf Frogs.
Even though I lost the Ping Pong Ball toss-in-a-can game
(which explains why my oh-so-mean mother never gave me money for carnival games)
we ended up with two webbed friends.
We'd been getting ready for a fish tank for a little while
(DIY post coming soon!)
and thought this would be a perfect addition!
We love them, but can't decide on names.
Heaven help our children.
So help us decide!

Top choices:
Princess Peach and Toad
(Frog)Lips and (Frog)Legs
Frog and Bunny
Oh yeah, and Phil likes the name Glenn.

12 June 2012


Phil's been having a little fun with his phone lately
Capturing some fun visitors from the animal kingdom.
Disturbing the Priesthood Session of Conference
and bringing pets into the house 
 And, as always, entertaining the nieces and nephews.

 And adults...

 And convincing the other scouts that they actually spotted an eagle
in the middle of Utah
This is what happens when I leave the picture-taking up to Phil.