31 December 2011


I have the coolest job. And the coolest bosses.
Anthony and Jason (the owners) took the whole office to FatCats
where we had some Costa Vida and an extreme-bowling competition
Filled with spinning, grannys, backwards, eyes closed, and left-handed bowling
 All trying to beat Anthony, Jason, and Dr. Brown
with a couple bucks up for grabs each frame
 And holy crap was it funny!
 And my baby got to come and meet everyone!
Now maybe he won't feel quite so awkward
when we go on the cruise in May with this crazy bunch!
I have the best job ever.

29 December 2011


Yes, these are old
But I did some fun decorations for Christmas this year 
 Courtesy of pinterest
and D.I. 
 And my awesome husband who found the best tree ever!

Merry Christmas.
A little late.

10 December 2011


For Christmas this year,
After two and a half years
I finally get to see these little turkeys!! 

Holy crap, I can't wait!!

08 December 2011


Every once in a while
I look into this cutie's eyes
and just get butterflies again.
Today was one of those days.
What a hottie.

07 December 2011


Another inspiration
Turned into this! 
4-inch styrofoam balls
Piano music from D.I., thoroughly crumpled
Tear pieces of music, modge-podge onto balls
Phrases from Handel's Messiah onto construction paper
Modge-podge everything, sprinkle glitter everywhere.
I'm in love.

05 December 2011


This was my inspiration
Fabric Ball Ornament
So I gathered some leftover fabric from a quilt I made years ago
 Pinned a ribbon on the top
 And used a pencil to push squares of fabric (2-2 1/2 inch squares)
into styrofoam balls.
And I can't wait to see them on the tree!

04 December 2011


Alisha's bridal shower.

03 December 2011


Baby hungry again.
 I mean really?
 How could you not just love her!?!?
 This little girl is going to be LOVED!
Congrats Hailey and PJ!
I love you!
(Mostly because you make cute babies!)

30 November 2011


One of the MANY fun things we got to do with Mom and Dad
when they came to Utah for Thanksgiving break
and probably my favorite.
You know, like, guns.
I recently learned that to kill a zombie, you have to shoot him in the head.
Take that zombies, you're dead. 
 True love.
We shot two different kinds of pistols 
And then Phil busted out his rifle. 
 It was pretty awesome.
 My heart was racing the whole rest of the day.
 Sarah wanted to be gangster.
 And since her boyfriend didn't come with us
we decided to give him a present.
It says "Christian-we were ALL thinking of YOU!"
Signed. Hearted.
I have a new hobby.

29 November 2011


Any holiday that is primarily celebrated by eating is a good thing.
So I experimented a little bit this year and tried...
Baked apples!!
I must say, they turned out pretty delish...
And of course we had the usual pomegranate salad 
 And Phil finally figured out the monkey bread,
with lots of help from the mother-in-law (my mom)
and that was a huge hit as well!
We were full... 
 Then Paige and I had some quality time
 While Phil ate some more

And then he started passing around his 3-D game...
which is code for... 

Under the dinner table, if needs be.