26 September 2012


Because of all the crazy fires in Utah this summer
shooting was banned in a lot of cities.
Later in the summer, Tooele County opened up.
So we took Phil's WWII Sniper Rifle and shot at some targets.
Phil's friend Tyson and his wife Hilary came with us
(even though Tyson forgot the key to his shotgun case!)
Phil always shoots first. 
"Cuz it's his gun."
Then Tyson took a stab at it.
 Phil wasn't happy that I hit the water bottle that was the farthest away.
(To be fair, I let him try first, and he missed five times)

 He and Tyson did some speed-shooting
 While I realized how much harder it is to steady the gun standing up.

True to tradition, we made targets of bad guys.
Needless to say,
The Joker is dead.
Can you say KILLSHOT?!?!?! 
We also took some cantaloupe and shot them to pieces,
but Tyson and Hilary have those pictures.

25 September 2012


A few weeks ago,
Phil asked when he would be due for his next cleaning.
So when I had an opening in the middle of the day,
I was more than happy to fill it with some "quality hubby time."
Luckily, we had enough time for bleaching as well! 
He loves getting his teeth whitened,
but they always get really sensitive later that day.
Poor baby could barely talk, so sad.
Such a vain boy.

24 September 2012


Pork chops.
Which ALWAYS get dry,
so we tried wrapping them in foil.
 And, if you know Phil,
Harmon's is his new favorite store.
Because they sell PRIME.
Um, no, I didn't "let" him buy these.
Phil basically has an allowance, and he uses it on whatever he wants.
So, occasionally, he splurges on some beef.
Last week, for the BYU game,
he bought six "16-ouncers", custom cut to a glorious 1 1/2 inches thick,
and had "Man Night".
One of his friends ended up not coming,
so yes, I got one.
And we made steak tacos with the leftovers.
Holy crap.

23 September 2012


Yes, we're way behind.
One of Phil's favorite cousins, Jillian, got married in June
to her awesome sweetheart Josh.
We just had a blast with family.
Especially the nieces and nephews.
Phil was wrestling wedding sweets with Caelyn.

 Our favorite was the PhotoBooth with Ava and Chloe.
It's healthy to be silly every once in a while.

17 September 2012


Yes, I know there's a "rule" out there that says you're supposed to have pictures when you blog.
I'm sorry.
My phone stopped letting me upload pictures,
I can't find the cord for my camera,
and Phil doesn't take many pictures.
But we're alive and happy!
It was hard getting released from our callings,
but we're just willing to go where we're asked.

I'm the new pianist in Relief Society...
which is torture, it's too easy.
And Phil got called into the Stake Young Men's Presidency!
It's such a tender mercy for him - 
he adores those boys, and the boys adore him back.
There truly is nowhere else he'd rather be.
When he got set apart on Sunday after Stake Conference,
he was blessed that he would grow and mature through this calling,
that the Lord would use his ability to relate and communicate with the Young Men,
and that he would learn a lot from the President.
He was also blessed that he would learn about personal revelation
and recognize the Spirit in his life more as he does his part.
What a sweet blessing.
His first assignment is to organize the Stake Camporee,
which the previous presidency started planning,
and it sounds like it's going to be an obstacle course,
but organized to simulate a video game
so the young men connect with it a little more
(sad, but effective)
Needless to say,
it's right up Phil's alley,
so he's kind of running most of that.
Strange how the Lord can use our talents, whatever they are.

I'm reffing volleyball three days a week after work
And we both joined an LDC Alumni Choir!
(LDC was the choir we were in when we first met)
We're practicing for a Christmas concert in the Tabernacle.
We've only had two rehearsals,
These people can sing.
We're excited to be reunited with old friends
and one of the best directors in the church, Ryan Eggett.
We have a lot of love for him and his influence on our marriage.

Life is good.
Our garden is going nuts and we love it.
I'll try to get some pictures up.