23 May 2011


Phil's first time outside the United States.
My first time that I can actually remember.
 We started out making friends with the locals.
 Then we signed up with a tour guide named Gustavo
who took us about an hour out of the city to this
So we hopped on...
(remember our first anniversary last year
was Phil's first time on a horse EVER)
 So...we started riding...
 on the BEACH.
 My hot cowboy.
It was so secluded and beautiful! 
we even ran into some local fisherman
who had JUST pulled in their catch for the day 
See the flying fish? 

 and they said my horse was EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT.
 Can't you tell?
 (no, I was not trying to do that with my hair)

 After an hour of riding, we were pretty sore
in the in-between-the-legs area.
 After riding we kept driving toward the Bufadora
and on the side of the street we passed this sign...
 Then we got to the Bufadora (Blowhole).
It's a cliff/cave where the ocean current pushes water in
and creates pressure that spurts the water up  

 It was NUTS!

 This was a REALLY high one!
Two seconds after Gustavo took this picture
we were SOAKING wet.
 There was an old lady right next to the Bufadora
selling grilled clams in cilantro, onions, tomatoes and cheese.
So I had to try one, and it was UH-MAZING.
 We bartered with the local shops and ended up with
some hand-painted plates, jewelry, and some home decorations
 and I got to show off my Spanish to Phil
while he enjoyed all the free churro samples
the guys kept handing out to everybody
 This was the faraway view of the beach we rode horses on.
 We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around
the shops of downtown Ensenada.
We ended up with some more jewelry, a watch for Phil,
a hammock, t-shirts, and Mother's Day gifts.
This flag is the size of a football field!!

Being the day before Cinco de Mayo,
most of the other cruise passengers were pretty...
Kinda funny, but we avoided the crowd pretty well
by hiding out in the hot tub again.

19 May 2011


We woke up the first morning to this:
 After a run and breakfast,
we hopped on a little boat that took us from the ship to the harbor
 with a free dolphin show on the way!
 That was Phil's first time seeing a dolphin!
 We got in a glass-bottomed boat

 and then saw the fish!!

 we also saw a HUGE blue heron's nest
 we loved looking around all the shops

 Phil said he had this great idea
to take a picture of him holding the ship
But I didn't really get it.
So he showed me what he meant. 
 Don't judge me.
We found a really cute little "nook" in the village
 No, we didn't plan that pose.
We just think alike.
 Lunch at Armstrong's on the dock.
 My first king crab. Above the ocean.
We took a nap from the side of the town 
 Phil tried funnel cake for the first time.
 After all the fun we could find we went back to the ship
 Dinner that night

 Haha we loved that they used our sunglasses!
Not a bad second day!!