29 June 2010


So, for Phil's friend Tyson's birthday, we went to a power tumbling gym.

Anyone that knows me knows I'm VERY aware of my mortality, meaning, my ability to physically "break." I've always known that it doesn't take much of an accident for my little body to go "squish," and then it's bye-bye for me. So, in efforts to prevent said "bye-bye," I've always been a really cautious person. I love a good rush (ie roller coasters, etc), but anything that involves not being strapped in, or my throwing myself into the air in an uncontrolled way (ie ice skating jumps, flips, etc), forget about it. I need my arms and legs and LIFE a little more than I need to do a flip off a diving board before I die.

Yes, I know the odds of me dying aren't that great. I probably wouldn't die. But still...
Accidents happen.

So we jumped into the foam pit, bounced on the trampolines, and sumo "wrestled" with the falling-off-our-shoulders-and-tearing suits, and then my cousin-in-law Jillian and I had a nice talk in the AeroBall trampoline, successfully preventing anyone else from using it (bwahahaha).
 And basically watched...
Yes, that is Dane, about to get smashed by a sprinting on-comer
And Jacob jumping OVER Phil, who lifted him up, mid-air, and passed off the mat/pad/thing

So we had a good time, and watched some fun stunts, but forgive me if I choose to stay on the sidelines.

I need my body for more important things.

24 June 2010


For those who have been wondering, our last name is pronounced


The End.

23 June 2010


So we did it. The Packards got together and MADE SOME NOISE! Unfortunately we were right in the middle of a massive CANYON, and there were some roads blocked by rockslides, yikes! Too much cheering and laughing, I guess. So basically we just played games for four days. We had some amazing food, thanks to Mom and Dad, and got plenty of sun! Here are some greatest hits:
Phil beat Grandpa in chess!
"I can take an armful and make a treat..."
I'll let you wonder if she's got anything on underneath...

priceless expressions from Marlys during "Who Am I?"...a game where we learned all about our favorite Aunts and Uncles and their injuries and unique experiences from WAY BACK when they were kids
Uncle JD showing the kids his scar on his foot...and Lollie being TOTALLY grossed out
Uncle Mark got caught enjoying his "fond" memories of playing the lead role of a romantic play
Grandpa's "talk" with the teens
Adam getting overwhelmed by the gross baby food on the way to the Starburst...poor guy
Tiffany getting the feather stuck on her lipstick that she was supposed to be blowing...I'm not saying she's a cheater...I'm not saying that...
Getting ready for garlic...
recovering from garlic...and mourning that she's not getting any "action" any time soon from Uncle Del
Lyndon learning why no one messes with Uncle Mike's girls, especially with water balloons
Trying to save the slimy yolk to fill the cup
Uncle Steve learning that cracking the egg in his hands was NOT the best strategy
Kids doing cereal box puzzles
Stacking golf balls...
and soda cans
Balancing M&M's on a pencil
on their EARS!
Practicing flexibility...pulling muscles...
CUTE fun with Stella on the river!
Watching brush fall off the waterfall
Fun tire swing!
No one should have to be sat on by Dad...
Brother vs Sister karate warm-ups before Family Feud buzzing
The championship round of the Make-A-Million tournament
Forming a "girl-wall" so Rachelle could change into her AWESOME homemade tye-dye shirt

So obviously the reunion was amazing. Lots of laughs, lots of games, lots of food. We like to be loud. We LOVE each other. Can't wait for the next reunion.


So...this is late stuff, but oh well...I was told I need to blog more...
Phil cut his "wings" off (his pride and joy)

 Good thing he loves me and I love him!!

Then we went to the Salt Lake Bee's game with Mark and Kirsten
right behind home plate!
and sweet fireworks at the end!

17 June 2010


It's happening. I'm trying to stop it, but I'm not succeeding. The usual cycle would be: cute/adorable baby, baby hungry...screaming, naughty child, not baby-hungry. But we haven't been around any screaming, naughty children for SO LONG that the baby hunger is just building and building...ugh. And then Addison had to melt my heart today. Ugh. I'm in trouble. Thank goodness for birth control.

06 June 2010


So after hours and hours of calling every SINGLE office in Utah and Salt Lake counties, I FOUND AN OFFICE WHO WAS HIRING! Holy crap it was a MIRACLE.
Seriously, I probably called several hundred offices, and ended up with a list of about 20 offices, most of which said I could drop off a resume for them to "have on-file in case they needed someone in the future," with a few for future temping for hygienists needing maternity leave soon, and maybe 4 that were actually hiring. Like...hiring. So I had a working interview at one office that was SUPER retarded (I just stood around and watched the whole time), plus they said I'd have to "work my way up," meaning I wouldn't get to actually see or scale any patients for anywhere from 6-18 months. MONTHS. So no thanks. So I sent some more resumes and waited about a week, then started calling them back to follow up and push for an actual interview. Got one.
Loved them. They loved me. Working interview. Nailed it. Job offer. WOOT WOOT!! It's Monday, Thursday, and Friday, with Tuesdays coming up in the future. Payson and Orem offices. AHH SO HAPPY! Plus right after that I got a temping job in an office that has a really slow hygiene schedule, but conveniently only puts hygiene on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so I'm kind of on-call for them. Let me tell you, getting handed that first check for a day of work...it's a GREAT FEELING.

I love seeing real patients. I love not having to do all that stupid assessment every day. I love digital radiology that works! (Dexis rocks) I love teaching patients things no one has ever taken the time to teach them before. I love showing them in the mirror concerns I find, and telling them why they need to be concerned. I love knowing that I'm making money for the dentist by finding work for him to do. I love making decisions about my patients recall schedule, and teaching them why it's important. I love using my ultrasonic (cuz it's a LOT more rare now). I love putting patients on the schedule 6 months from now and knowing that I'm going to see them again. I love being on a tight schedule. I love being expected to perform well. I love not being babysat by instructors. I love being accountable for what I say, do, and know. I love doing a job that people understand is worth their money, and not a hassle to fork out a "massive" $25 for. I love making money for what I do. I love not being a burden to my husband, who's been nothing but supportive of my career choice from the day we started dating, and has put his dreams and pursuits on hold for me to finish school. I love working hard. I love being a dental hygienist.