23 June 2010


So we did it. The Packards got together and MADE SOME NOISE! Unfortunately we were right in the middle of a massive CANYON, and there were some roads blocked by rockslides, yikes! Too much cheering and laughing, I guess. So basically we just played games for four days. We had some amazing food, thanks to Mom and Dad, and got plenty of sun! Here are some greatest hits:
Phil beat Grandpa in chess!
"I can take an armful and make a treat..."
I'll let you wonder if she's got anything on underneath...

priceless expressions from Marlys during "Who Am I?"...a game where we learned all about our favorite Aunts and Uncles and their injuries and unique experiences from WAY BACK when they were kids
Uncle JD showing the kids his scar on his foot...and Lollie being TOTALLY grossed out
Uncle Mark got caught enjoying his "fond" memories of playing the lead role of a romantic play
Grandpa's "talk" with the teens
Adam getting overwhelmed by the gross baby food on the way to the Starburst...poor guy
Tiffany getting the feather stuck on her lipstick that she was supposed to be blowing...I'm not saying she's a cheater...I'm not saying that...
Getting ready for garlic...
recovering from garlic...and mourning that she's not getting any "action" any time soon from Uncle Del
Lyndon learning why no one messes with Uncle Mike's girls, especially with water balloons
Trying to save the slimy yolk to fill the cup
Uncle Steve learning that cracking the egg in his hands was NOT the best strategy
Kids doing cereal box puzzles
Stacking golf balls...
and soda cans
Balancing M&M's on a pencil
on their EARS!
Practicing flexibility...pulling muscles...
CUTE fun with Stella on the river!
Watching brush fall off the waterfall
Fun tire swing!
No one should have to be sat on by Dad...
Brother vs Sister karate warm-ups before Family Feud buzzing
The championship round of the Make-A-Million tournament
Forming a "girl-wall" so Rachelle could change into her AWESOME homemade tye-dye shirt

So obviously the reunion was amazing. Lots of laughs, lots of games, lots of food. We like to be loud. We LOVE each other. Can't wait for the next reunion.


  1. OH my goodness! I'm glad you posted pics and gave the scoop to us poor people! Ha!

  2. WOW...that looks like you guys had fun. we always miss the reunions.bummer.

  3. I want to be a part of your family!! This looks so fun!

  4. Stella is going to or hopefully asleep at the moment, but she will love to see these pictures. She had so much fun with you two!