30 January 2012


After one month of my "rules", I decided I needed to make some extra commitments:
1) Only use the small plates at home for portion control
2) Substitute sour cream for Greek Yogurt
3) Drink 3-4 cups water a day
4) At least 15 minutes of exercise every day (except Sunday)

08 January 2012


These are my rules for 2012:

Run at least 3x/week (on my new treadmill that I got for Christmas)
(this is on top of running for basketball...and yes I've been good!)
If I need to snack, eat fruits and vegetables ONLY
No hamburgers or pizza
No seconds
Chocolate is OK (because chocolate is NOT my weakness)
The goal is to drop 20 lbs by my birthday.
Why, you ask?
No biggie.
Just a cruise.

07 January 2012


Alisha and Spencer got married on December 27th
And she picked royal purple!
So I wore it. 
And my honey looked smokin' hot with his aviators 
Along with these fine gentlemen... 
And Dad, who thinks he's a Duke from the 14th Century :) 
Gotta love weddings in San Diego.

03 January 2012


So...the house was pretty crazy during Christmas
with all the nieces and nephews 
doing their crazy thing 
we needed a break. 
 So we went to our usual spot
 Phil was determined to find a sand crab
and he did. Finally. 
 I just sat happy in the sun
 And we strolled
like we're in love. 

02 January 2012

01 January 2012


I couldn't put this on the ole blog until after Christmas
for obvious reasons.
I found these plastic suckers at DI for $2. Bow down.
1) Plastic paint primer (white)
2) Black paint
3) Streaked colored paint on top (for fun)
 4) Scrapbook paper varieties
5) Print names and birthdays (separately)
 6) Pictures of your adorable nieces and nephews to your heart's content
 7) Laugh hysterically at their personalities
8) Shed a few tears because you miss them terribly 
9) Drill a small hole in a corner
10) Tie a knot in twine, push it into the hole so it sticks and seal with glue