03 February 2013


Phil's sister Molly was able to come from Alaska with her family for Christmas!
We wish we could have seen them more,
But we were so happy to play for a while.
Paige and Sky are the cutest!

02 February 2013


We stayed home for Christmas this year.
In a way it was kind of weird.
We opened some presents, took naps, the end.
We decided we need some kiddos around Christmas morning,
Even if we have to borrow someone else's for the day.
It's just not the same without them.
But pre-Christmas was fun.
In true dental fashion,
Our office was slammed with goodies from the local specialists and other offices we refer our patients to.
We met our friends' new baby Eli.
I dyed my hair
(Yes, Phil was sad, he liked the blonde)
We had fantastic Christmas parties with both our families,
Complete with gingerbread men,
Opening presents with oven mitts,
Nativity, and talking to Santa on the phone.
Then it just got crazy cold and I stopped taking pictures.