28 June 2011


You know those times when everything is annoying and frustrating and instead of resolving them you just push them aside and then little things come up again and become a much bigger deal and things just get worse and worse and more and more frustrating?


09 June 2011


For my birthday, we went to Tucano's the night before
then Phil surprised me with my first trip to Lagoon!
He also surprised me with a whole day with these lovely people
 Jeff was my "best man" at my wedding
and this is his lovely new bride Jamie
 We hit up all the good rides
acted like silly teenagers
 Yes, that's my crazy hair
(front row, yellow shirt)
 Phil isn't a huge fan of the really big roller coasters
so I don't make him ride them all
 hence the need for some friends
 so I didn't have to ride them all by myself
 The grass was a little muddier than we thought 
 I feel lke this picture needs to be on a Lagoon ad.

 Bumper cars was THE BEST!
 We raced to see who could make it around the track first
 Then we raced to see who could hit the guy with the green hat first
(I won)
and then another guy
(I won again) 
We laughed SO HARD it made my stomach hurt.
We didn't really figure out the spinning ride 
 Jeff got giddy about the airplane ride!
 Phil wasn't a bad pilot himself
We got cozy and had a lot of fun the whole day
 Our favorite ride was definitely Samurai
 Great friends
 We loved the peacock!

Follow that up with dinner at Chili's and you get
the best birthday I've ever had!
Thanks baby, you're the best!!

07 June 2011


I got an amazing voicemail last night.

For those of you who don't know,
I went to San Antonio three years ago to go door-to-door
selling home security systems for the summer.
I was the only girl among a huge group of guys
most of whom were my very best friends at the time
 It was the best summer of my life
and the hardest job I've ever had.
Constant rejection by strangers,
trudging through ghetto neighborhoods in the hot Texas summer,
and trying not to get caught ditching by our manager.
Anyways, it's been a while.
I got a voicemail last night from a woman in San Antonio
telling me she hates her alarm system she bought from me,
that it's ruining her life,
and she wants me to apologize to her for "doing this to her."

Point #1: I don't even work for that company anymore.
There's NOTHING I can do for you.
Call that Customer Service number on your bill.
Point #2: Have you been miserable for the whole THREE years??
Why have you been waiting so long to CALL??

Did I call her back?
Of course not.
Do I remember her?
Of course not.
But it was fun to remember that phase of my life.
It's been a while.

05 June 2011


Remember those DELICIOUS caramel apples
they make at RMCF?
 Almond Joy (chocolate, coconut, almond)
 Apple Pie (white chocolate, cinnamon sugar)
 S'more (chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow)
We made them in Young Women's.

04 June 2011


So...sometimes I get lazy with my blogging...
Don't judge please.
Last day on the cruise:
 We basically just did a lot of lounging...
 Look at my poor beat-up feet!
Bad running shoes + walking all day for two days straight

 Haha I just like that he looks naked.

 Of course we had to do a little putt-putt

 Then we got dressed up for the last night!

 Phil ordered a really weird salmon-jello appetizer
and had a hard time figuring out what he thought about it
Then of course we had to shuffle-board it
in our formals. 

 Then we were off the next day!
Sad to leave, but ready to get home.
 Poor Phil had to carry around all the crap I bought in Mexico.
 That Pizza Place in Carlsbad.
 We can't wait until next year
when we can go again with my dental office!