04 June 2011


So...sometimes I get lazy with my blogging...
Don't judge please.
Last day on the cruise:
 We basically just did a lot of lounging...
 Look at my poor beat-up feet!
Bad running shoes + walking all day for two days straight

 Haha I just like that he looks naked.

 Of course we had to do a little putt-putt

 Then we got dressed up for the last night!

 Phil ordered a really weird salmon-jello appetizer
and had a hard time figuring out what he thought about it
Then of course we had to shuffle-board it
in our formals. 

 Then we were off the next day!
Sad to leave, but ready to get home.
 Poor Phil had to carry around all the crap I bought in Mexico.
 That Pizza Place in Carlsbad.
 We can't wait until next year
when we can go again with my dental office!

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