07 June 2011


I got an amazing voicemail last night.

For those of you who don't know,
I went to San Antonio three years ago to go door-to-door
selling home security systems for the summer.
I was the only girl among a huge group of guys
most of whom were my very best friends at the time
 It was the best summer of my life
and the hardest job I've ever had.
Constant rejection by strangers,
trudging through ghetto neighborhoods in the hot Texas summer,
and trying not to get caught ditching by our manager.
Anyways, it's been a while.
I got a voicemail last night from a woman in San Antonio
telling me she hates her alarm system she bought from me,
that it's ruining her life,
and she wants me to apologize to her for "doing this to her."

Point #1: I don't even work for that company anymore.
There's NOTHING I can do for you.
Call that Customer Service number on your bill.
Point #2: Have you been miserable for the whole THREE years??
Why have you been waiting so long to CALL??

Did I call her back?
Of course not.
Do I remember her?
Of course not.
But it was fun to remember that phase of my life.
It's been a while.


  1. Thats funny. Do you also remember the lady from Europe that wanted to buy your apartment and all you had to do is cash that check. There are some strange strange people in this world.

  2. Those phone calls are interesting, aren't they. I got one for a construction job from a few years prior. The homeowners were suing and the company and lawyers were calling to see if I remembered the job. Different construction site everyday, sometimes multiple sites a day... Yeah, I'd remember one out of the 1000s that I went to... Silly people.

  3. first, that is hilarious about the call.
    second, We got your package and Sidney is drooling over it right now. No, I won't let her open it til her birthday! :)