17 February 2012


One of my favorite in-laws got married last weekend!
 It was my first time in the Manti Temple, and it was gorgeous!
 I even got Phil to be in a picture with me!
Some people got tired of all the picture-taking 
But others were just on a roll 
 Out. Of. Control.
Then Fred's Diner.
Apparently that's what you're supposed to do in Manti.
Congrats Dane and Kortney!!

16 February 2012


I started this project last summer.
I found a frame/board at DI for $2
and I'm kicking myself in the butt for not taking a "before" picture 
but it was tan on the middle and green around the edges
and I turned it into...
Sometimes I get crafty...it just takes 6 months...

15 February 2012


Some good friends of ours invited us to go shooting with them.
My new hobby.
On the way there, I got a little "artsy"
 And made us some villains.
Meet (from left to right): Ninja, Terrorist (with 72 virgins on his mind),
Cowboy, Kamikaze, and Pirate.
It. Was. Awesome. 

I love my life.
I got Phil a hundred rounds for his birthday, just so I can go again.
I mean...HE can go again.

13 February 2012


Cilantro-Jalapeno Ranch:
Has what it says: 
Packet of ranch dressing mix (NOT THE DIP)
1 cup mayo, 1 cup milk
Chopped cilantro
Chopped jalapenos (start with a little, then add to taste)
Blend thoroughly.
 Pizza Factory Breadsticks:
Frozen Rhodes Rolls, thaw, then roll into long "snakes"
Wrap around soaked skewers, let rise.
 Smother with garlic butter (garlic powder, garlic salt, parsley)
Die happy.

12 February 2012


Duct tape is just straight-up American.
 You can do anything with it.
Including hold a little person against the wall for a while. 
 Unless that little person doesn't want to be on the wall.
He will pretending he's choking, even foaming at the mouth.
And then fall down.
And the other team wins.

05 February 2012


I'm so grateful to know that some things are good for me
and some things are not good for me.
And there are many who have taken the road I'm on
and left warnings for me to know how to be happy and safe.
Some things I need to just stay away from.
Some things I need to be careful around.
Because the destination is going to be beautiful
and I need to get there in one piece.