08 January 2012


These are my rules for 2012:

Run at least 3x/week (on my new treadmill that I got for Christmas)
(this is on top of running for basketball...and yes I've been good!)
If I need to snack, eat fruits and vegetables ONLY
No hamburgers or pizza
No seconds
Chocolate is OK (because chocolate is NOT my weakness)
The goal is to drop 20 lbs by my birthday.
Why, you ask?
No biggie.
Just a cruise.


  1. Another cruise??? WHAT??? I'm Jealous! We've been thinking about getting a treadmill. Hmmm... now i'm even more tempted :). Love you guys!

  2. Good luck! A cruise is an awesome reward!!

  3. Holy moly! Where are you headed on the cruise?! You need to update your health progress! It'll motivate me and my jelly belly : )