17 June 2010


It's happening. I'm trying to stop it, but I'm not succeeding. The usual cycle would be: cute/adorable baby, baby hungry...screaming, naughty child, not baby-hungry. But we haven't been around any screaming, naughty children for SO LONG that the baby hunger is just building and building...ugh. And then Addison had to melt my heart today. Ugh. I'm in trouble. Thank goodness for birth control.


  1. I was really baby hungry too but now that we've have been married for over 2 years and we are pregnant...I am EXTREMELY grateful for the time Mike and I had together. Everyone will tell you to take advantage of time you have together and how young you are but you will still want a baby. Everyone told me that too but I didn't care. It will come and go in waves. The week we were on our cruise...I did NOT want a baby haha.

  2. I think that's Heavenly Father's sweet way of helping you consider ALL your options. It's nice to re-evaluate life from time to time and make sure you're just where you ought to be! :) I like it's perfect that it comes and goes right now... it should! Life is all about juggling and balancing what you have and what you want! :)

  3. I can't wait to see your little kiddos when you guys end up having them. You guys will be such good parents :)