29 June 2010


So, for Phil's friend Tyson's birthday, we went to a power tumbling gym.

Anyone that knows me knows I'm VERY aware of my mortality, meaning, my ability to physically "break." I've always known that it doesn't take much of an accident for my little body to go "squish," and then it's bye-bye for me. So, in efforts to prevent said "bye-bye," I've always been a really cautious person. I love a good rush (ie roller coasters, etc), but anything that involves not being strapped in, or my throwing myself into the air in an uncontrolled way (ie ice skating jumps, flips, etc), forget about it. I need my arms and legs and LIFE a little more than I need to do a flip off a diving board before I die.

Yes, I know the odds of me dying aren't that great. I probably wouldn't die. But still...
Accidents happen.

So we jumped into the foam pit, bounced on the trampolines, and sumo "wrestled" with the falling-off-our-shoulders-and-tearing suits, and then my cousin-in-law Jillian and I had a nice talk in the AeroBall trampoline, successfully preventing anyone else from using it (bwahahaha).
 And basically watched...
Yes, that is Dane, about to get smashed by a sprinting on-comer
And Jacob jumping OVER Phil, who lifted him up, mid-air, and passed off the mat/pad/thing

So we had a good time, and watched some fun stunts, but forgive me if I choose to stay on the sidelines.

I need my body for more important things.

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