16 May 2011


We decided if we were going to be in LA
we had to eat somewhere good.
We had seen a restaurant on the Travel Channel
that caught our attention,
and we HAD to try it out.
If you know Phil, you know why.
Slater's 50/50. Why 50/50, you ask?
The burgers are half beef, half BACON.
Um, yes, BACON.
(For the record, yes, Phil ordered bacon on top ALSO)
THE best hamburger I have ever eaten.
And I've eaten a lot of burgers.
If you live within five hours of Slater's, check it out.
 Then we hit the harbor, stood in line, and then...
 Dropped off our stuff and started to play RIGHT AWAY.
This was Phil's first shuffle board experience. Not bad.
 Then we found a prime spot when we pulled out of the harbor.

 Best sun, best view, no kids allowed.
We LOVED this deck.
Except we got stopped at least five times by workers
thinking I was a teenager.
I'll enjoy that when I'm forty, I'm sure.
 Portholes in our room. We had a cool view of the...water...

 First night we went to a show
 Then hit the hot tub.
Again, our favorite deck.
 Notice the ghost-waiter?
 And STILL managed to squeeze in some time for Karaoke.
"One Week" - Barenaked Ladies

I think we did our fair share of vacationing.
And we were just getting started!

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