11 May 2011


Day One:
Old Town - about a dozen blocks filled with original
historical buildings and shops
showcasing the spirit and origin of San Diego
First shop we hit was a winner...
Meet the biggest self-admitting-spicy-wimp EVER.
Holding one of the hottest sauces in the world.
 Yes, it's SO HOT you have to sign a waiver to buy it. 
 Yeah, that's my husband. He works out.
 The Mormon Batallion Center!
 Yep. We're legit.
 Then we walked around a bunch of shops and historical sights
and needed to stop for lunch at Cafe Del Reyes.
 Yummy chips and salsa.
 We spent the rest of the afternoon at La Jolla Shores
one of the best beaches in Southern California
 We saw some of the tidepools
and Phil saw and touched a sea anemone for the first time
 My model.
 It was awesome
 Then we went BACK to the beach that night with my family for a bonfire.
Windy, but a must.
Not a bad start to the most relaxing week of my life.

(You think that's a lot of pictures...just you wait...)

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  1. I love your pictures!!! Super excited to see the bazillion more that it sounds like you have. You take them well after all :) Such beautiful places! Question for you... did he actually taste that hot thing though?