26 September 2012


Because of all the crazy fires in Utah this summer
shooting was banned in a lot of cities.
Later in the summer, Tooele County opened up.
So we took Phil's WWII Sniper Rifle and shot at some targets.
Phil's friend Tyson and his wife Hilary came with us
(even though Tyson forgot the key to his shotgun case!)
Phil always shoots first. 
"Cuz it's his gun."
Then Tyson took a stab at it.
 Phil wasn't happy that I hit the water bottle that was the farthest away.
(To be fair, I let him try first, and he missed five times)

 He and Tyson did some speed-shooting
 While I realized how much harder it is to steady the gun standing up.

True to tradition, we made targets of bad guys.
Needless to say,
The Joker is dead.
Can you say KILLSHOT?!?!?! 
We also took some cantaloupe and shot them to pieces,
but Tyson and Hilary have those pictures.

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