21 June 2012


A few weeks ago,
Phil went with the scouts on four-day Wilderness Survival Campout
 They dropped the boys off about 8 miles away from camp
and told them to find their way in.
 They gave them:
two granola bars, three pieces of fruit, and two packets of oatmeal.
For the whole week.
 If they walked away from their pack,
the leaders would steal their food.
And no, they didn't get it back.
 A few leaders followed the diet,
But a few had to keep up their energy to make good decisions.
Phil was one of those.
For the boys' sakes.
 They tried to fish to supplement their diets
But no one caught anything.
 They broke them down physically, mentally, and emotionally
 And ended with a rabbit-killing/cooking
and a really strong testimony meeting.
And Phil's famous "Heart Attack Breakfast"
(bacon and deep-fried eggs on an English Muffin)
to end a ridiculous week.
They can't wait to do it again.

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