17 June 2012


We were having lots of fun with our little unnamed pets.
Playing with their reflections
And falling on their butts
But then Saturday afternoon, Phil came home from a long hike
and found one of our little guys stuck in the filter.
It looked like he got his arm sucked in
and then his whole body got wrapped up.
After some tears and "surgery"
he managed to get the poor guy out of the filter.
 When I got home that night Phil told me what had happened.
More tears.
Just knowing what he had gone through was so sad!
As you can see, his entire right hand was gone
and his whole right abdomen section was beet-red with internal bleeding
We hoped he would make it through
but he was gone when we woke up Sunday morning.
I already miss him.


  1. I'm sorry Emily, that is so sad! Do you still have your other frog, or did both of them die :(

  2. OHHHhhhh... :( That's so sad, Em. I'm so sorry! :(

  3. I am sooooo sorry. That's awful. Will a new little guy ever be in the tank?