13 June 2012


We took a big step this weekend.
We're getting our first pets!
Those who know us know that this has been a long battle discussion.
Phil wants a dog, I tell Phil he's never getting a dog unless I die
(whose house does he think this IS, anyway?)
at Orem's Summerfest, we stumbled across this booth
With some tiny African Dwarf Frogs.
Even though I lost the Ping Pong Ball toss-in-a-can game
(which explains why my oh-so-mean mother never gave me money for carnival games)
we ended up with two webbed friends.
We'd been getting ready for a fish tank for a little while
(DIY post coming soon!)
and thought this would be a perfect addition!
We love them, but can't decide on names.
Heaven help our children.
So help us decide!

Top choices:
Princess Peach and Toad
(Frog)Lips and (Frog)Legs
Frog and Bunny
Oh yeah, and Phil likes the name Glenn.


  1. Bunny and Glenn... It sounds like an old married couple... Which is the deciding factor for any big naming decision.... Right?