05 July 2010


Fourth of July.
Dinner at PJ and Hailey's
Grilled Sausages, Red Pepper Risotto, Grilled Corn, and Creme Soda.
And topped off with Apple Pie and homemade ice cream for dessert.
But the feature of the night, hands down, was my neice Addison.
She kills me.
So Hailey was telling me a little while ago that when she brushes her teeth, she rinses off her brush and then gives it to Addison to use. BAD IDEA.
So I stole borrowed a kid toothbrush from my office.
So apparently at the end of the reunion they played a game called "Oi!" where you stand in a circle, and on the count of three make a sign and say "Oi!". This was one of the signs, and Addi does on cue now! It's SO cute!
And she says "ssshhh..." more like "ssssss...." but...
I just love her!!
So of course, it being her first 4th and all, Daddy really wanted her to see fireworks. So Hailey and I sat with Addi on the chairs while Alisha, Phil and PJ lit the bloomers from behind and threw them over our heads into the street.
She loved them!
Daddy (PJ) threw one over our heads, but mid-air it lit and changed directions, and landed RIGHT ON Hailey and Addi!! We all screamed and jumped to get away, and we left with just a little singe mark on Addison' sweater, but it scared her really bad
And needless to say,
Mommy was NOT happy with Daddy.
And Addi was unsure about the fireworks from then on.
Maybe next year.


  1. From Michelle: While that's really sad and some what scary. The picture of hailey with the protective face cracks me up.. Glad everyone is okay though lol :) Love you All

  2. I love Addi's face in that last picture...she is so adorable!