31 July 2010


So I FINALLY broke down and bought running shoes. Cuz Phil thinks I'm getting fat and that I should work out. I found a $69.99 pair for $16.99, and snagged them. They're gorgeous. I'm so excited. Then yesterday I had the most miserably boring day EVER, and decided that today, I was gonna RUN. Naturally, it's too hot outside, so I slide on over to the clubhouse gym. Treadmill.

It's been a while. I'm not a runner, I don't claim to be a runner, I don't have any desire to ever be a runner. But I figured, what the heck, run. So I started running.

Walked for two minutes, ran for five, walked for two, ran for five, etc... Mile and a half. Not bad for my first day. Feeling good. Could have gone longer, except...

And you wonder why I don't run.


  1. Poor toes! :) You have to buy your running shoes a half to a full size bigger so stuff like this doesn't happen!

  2. You should wear them around the house for a couple of days to break them in. Don't give up on running too quickly. And that is an awesome deal for running shoes!

  3. Couple tips from someone who didnt used to run, never had the right equipment, now I run because its fun with the equipment:
    ~make sure those shoes are really RUNNING shoes...not cross-trainers or something heavy
    ~Ashlee is right...you may need a bigger size
    ~AJ is right...they may need to work themselves in.
    ~your body and feet will need a little callousing...it takes a little getting used to. then the body will obey =)
    GOOD LUCK!!Keep it up!

  4. maybe that's why they were $16.99! lol, but that sucks, I'm sorry Emily!

  5. Oh man Emily... My feet were too girly for running too until I made it habitual and calloused the suckers. I never got the blisters you have in your pictures, yikes!! Check you shoe size.
    Another shopping trip maybe? ; )

  6. I commend you!

    While I don't think I've gotten blisters from running (not a runner either really... although I'm not opposed to the idea), my best battle wounds blister-wise were from toe shoes. After one performance of dancing tons and tons I had one on my big toe the size of a quarter. Seeing how dancing on a block of wood made my toe nails fall off too... blisters were the least of my worries ;)

  7. Like everyone else said, they're new, and need to be broken in. Another thing to consider is the brand of shoe. Nike's have a bigger toe box (which always made me get blisters on the ends of my toes), Asics are supposed to be for wider feet, Adidas seem to have higher arch support, etc. I say relieve pressure by draining the blisters, wrap them in band-aids, and get running again! :)

  8. Yeah. My mother-in-law tricked me into running. After my first 1/2 marathon three of my toe nails fell off. Happy running:)

  9. Phillip better not EVER say ANYthing about your weight. Or else.

    Ok. Now that's out of there...

    Good job for being brave and running! I would love to get back into that! And way to go on the killer deal!