22 April 2010

Working Woman, Here I Come!

It's done. My boards are DONE!! I flew down to California two weeks ago to meet my board patient, 31-yr old Sean, and make sure he qualified, then flew down a week later to actually take my test at the USC dental school. Holy smokes, PERFECT BOARD PATIENT! Could not have been better. In any way. Sent him back to get approved, which was the scary part, because I didn't have a back-up, coming from Utah and all. Waited, waited...he walks back with the "good" blue paper. (insert freaking-out-happiness here) Got him numb, cuz I passed that test last month, and just went to town! Came off super easy, went through super quick, and submitted him for approval in just over an hour! (we're given 2 1/2 hrs) First one done in the room, and then I just had to sterilize instruments, clean up my chair, and then sit around and wait for an hour for them to check everything,

Totally passed. I haven't gotten my results yet, but it's like going back to third grade to take those multiplication/division tests, and not getting your score yet, but being pretty darn sure you knew what you were doing and that you would pass. So I'm feeling good, especially after taking the national board exam yesterday!! So now I'm DONE!! One or two more small papers to write, and then it's cap and gown for me!

Yes, I've already thrown away all my papers and old stuff from school. Pretty much all of it. Packing will probably start tomorrow (not that we know where we're going, we just know we gotta get out of this tiny place) and then in a few weeks I'll get my license!! Then I'll be making the big bucks!

Wait, I need a dentist to work for...shoot.


  1. YAY!!!!!! Congrats suga momma!

  2. Congratulations! :) I know I'm late saying so but I'm quite happy for you! Good job!