11 May 2010


So I'm preparing my lesson for my youth Sunday School class when someone calls Phil's phone. Bishopric. Wants to meet with me before church. Gulp. A FOURTH CALLING? On top of teaching, the activities committee, and greeting Relief Society (which I'm always late for, because I'm teaching right before...), what more could they give me? I'm booked! But then again, I have been pawning off all requests for service during the last four months with the line "ask me after April" so...it's possible, I supposed. So I went.

Relief Society Secretary/Third Counselor. Gulp. Deep breath...okay, maybe not so bad, I could do this... But then comes the line "Normally we'd be able to keep you at your other calling, but since..." and some more words that summarize to "you're going to be WAY too busy." Perfect. Then the almost-tears start coming. I fight them off because he's in the bishopric and I hate being "that girl." Immediately I start this prayer in my head. "Heavenly Father, you KNOW we've been busting our butts for the past month trying to sell our contract and to find a place to live in the ward because we LOVE the youth in our ward and they love us and we felt SO strongly that we needed to stay for them. Now we're staying and you're taking me away ANYWAYS? ARE YOU SURE?" (in a very humble, you-know-what's-best, kind of way, of course)

We all have those moments when those nice-sounding church principles we've talked about our whole lives are suddenly smack in front of us, and we realize that NOW is the time to practice them. This was mine. Maybe the reason we felt so strongly to stay in our ward was for THIS calling, not my previous one. Maybe there is something I'm meant to do or learn or...something! Maybe, just maybe, there isn't ANYTHING about this new calling that is going to change my or anyone else's life, but I need to do it to show myself and the youth in my class that it's more important to be obedient than to be comfortable. Maybe. So I found a little comfort, and was able to stifle my tears until Sacrament Meeting when they did the official "All those in favor" part. Then I lost it. :)

So that was a fun Mother's Day. OUCH number one.

Then last night Phil and I are making dinner, and decide to make some deep-fried mozzarella sticks. Phil loves 'em, so why not? Oil starts heating up, and starts doing this bubbling thing that we hate, so I pick up the pan off the burner to let it settle a little bit, and Phil decides it would be a good idea to blow on it to make the bubbling go down, and a little bit splatters on the burner, ignites, which scares me, and I flail a little to avoid death-by-fire, and the oil splatters EVERYWHERE, including my left foot/toes. OUCH number two. No worries, I still love him, but it hurts. I have to say though, Phil's ice-in-a-bag-in-a-sock-on-my-foot idea worked pretty well...


  1. Hey! Now you can join the club. I got called to the RS secretary in Feb in my family ward, and my sister April just got called to the RS 2nd counselor in her ward too. Maybe it's something with our family ;) While it is different there is a LOT you can do as the secretary. We should chat... :)

  2. P.S. Sorry about the ouches though... ouch! Tell Phil to be more careful--still love him--but seriously. Ouch!

  3. OH DANG!!! So sorry about your toes! I hope they're feeling better by now. Good luck with the new calling. You're a brave soul. :) You'll be blessed for being obedient... and I'm sure that you and plenty of others will benefit from your service! :)