17 August 2010


So...We're moving. Don't freak out, we're not crossing the plains or any oceans. We're moving about three blocks away from our little one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom duplex, still in our ward boundaries (cuz I have attachment issues). I am so excited to redecorate, get creative, and STRETCH a little!! This little place was perfect when we were first married, but after a year of learning, acquiring, and growing, it's definitely time for a change.

It's been a real learning experience, this move. I really wanted to move in April, and we had a place to go and everything, and all we had to do was sell our contract. It would be a jump financially, but I was about to start working as a Dental Hygienist, and things were looking good. We posted, and advertised, and begged all our friends, and nothing ever happened. I cried and cried out of disappointment and frustration, and we prayed and prayed every day that someone would buy our contract so we could move. Nothing. For weeks we felt so much anxiety and frustration, and we finally kinda realized we might not find someone to take our contract. So we started changing our prayers that Heavenly Father would help us know what He wants us to do so we can best serve our ward and those around us. Then we waited, but kept our ears open. We decided to wait out our contract until August (now) and move at the end of the summer. Tough decision, considering I already had a bunch of packing done (true story). But turns out, I lost my job, which pretty much would have been devastating financially, and we ended up finding an even BETTER deal in our ward! We love our neighbors-to-be, and can't wait to haul in groceries without having to climb up three flights of stairs, and park in our own driveway, and play in the yard, and HAVE a yard, and take the next step in preparing for our future family. Phil's excited for his "man-cave" and I'm just excited to have a place to put everything! I can't wait to put up pictures of my projects!

Oh, and if anyone knows someone who's trying to get rid of a queen mattress/box spring and/or washer/dryer, we still need them!

Oh, and if you're bored on Thursday morning around 9:30, please come help!


  1. I love the insight. And the girly time. And moving is the biggest pain in the butt EVER! And yes, come visit CALI!!!

  2. YAAAAAAAAY!!! I'm proud of you for being brave and letting Heavenly Father take care of you and bless you with something even better!