21 April 2011


This was my Christmas present from Phil
I LOVE the sewing machine
but the table wasn't working very well for my projects
so I wanted to come up with another use for it
 so I took out the machine
 started sanding
 and started staining
(this was a frame I got from a yard sale a while ago)
and started getting excited 
but then it started raining while the stain was drying
No Bueno.
Then HAIL.  
 But I think they survived. 
Distressed a little bit.
And now it has a new home!
I just need a new handle and it's done!
These are just a few other small projects.
$2 from D.I.
Light spray-paint.
Phil's mom gave me this adorable ceramic pot!
Made it speckled-stone!

My motto: save money, be creative, make my house cute.


  1. Hey!
    I am totally willing to help you with your machine. If you can bring it to craft night next week, yay! Otherwise, it will probably have to be after May 15th, I have a huge trade show that week and need to prep for it. Also, I have an old sewing machine table like that. Must. Copy. You.

  2. Love, love, love it! I need to get more brave with stuff like that... maybe stain my bed frame one of these days or something... hmmm!

  3. I am just like you. Wish I had more disposable cash to do tons of cute stuff though. I mostly just plan out a gajillion things in my head until I can finally execute them. Props to you, my friend.

  4. Totally have that same chest with a sewing machine! I got it earlier this year from my great-aunt!!! I just havent had the time or resources to fix it up- CUTE idea!! cool- twinners from a distance! MISS YOU!