26 March 2012


While in Grand Junction,
we figured we should check out The Monument.
We spent a good 3-4 hours cruising through the canyons
and enjoying the scenery 
 "Shivers Canyon"

 Ute Canyon...

Suction Point 

It was so windy!
Check out my cape! 

 "Wedding Canyon"

 Coke Pop canyon
Phil's little "friend" 
 "Kissing Couple"
 Independence Monument


 "Ancient Sand Dunes"
 I love my hot husband.

Looking up 

Destroying nature, as always... 

 On the edge of The Monument, looking out.
 Phil didn't want any part of it.

 Mountain goats!

 "Floating Rock"

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  1. Robert is going to be soo proud of the Parkour picture! I can't wait to show him!