11 December 2012


The dentist I work with took a trip to Guatemala to do humanitarian dental work.
So our office was closed.
So we decided to take advantage of the "free" time off
and planned a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Phil's mission.
Charlotte, North Carolina.
Several people he baptized/worked with have already moved
and a few more are making plans to, 
so we knew our window of opportunity was closing fast.
First we packed all of Phil's allergy and headache meds.
He's kind of high-maintenance like that,
but I love him anyway.
Phase One: Morganton.
Typical small-town South.
We visited the Cobb family:
the Bishop of a ward Phil served in for a while.
They actually forgot we were coming (HAHA)
but were still SO gracious and welcoming!
The first morning we set out to find familiar sites.
We found his apartment where he lived.

The courthouse where an investigator turned himself in and got sent to prison.
And re-addicted to drugs...bummer 
Broughton Hospital - state psych hospital

Then we roamed around nearby Cornelius
 A funny speed limit  
The Habitat for Humanity where they'd volunteer. 
 A pretty clock tower.
 The trees-form-an-archway-over-the-road street
(note: one of my goals in life is to drive through a "tunnel street"
and Phil always would tell me he'd seen one on his mission,
and we found it!...even though it wasn't overgrown anymore)
 A massive church
 Lake Norman houses...my new dream homes
 Phil just humored me and let me eye pretty homes for a while
shoot me.
The Bojangles they used to frequent.
 We spent FOREVER trying to find his apartment in Cornelius
And it started driving Phil crazy... 
 We eventually gave up.
And got some Cook Out,
the North Carolina version of Arby's or something.
I got my cheap chopped pork BBQ.
And ate part of the receipt so no one would see our name
(note: we did a LOT of silly things this trip...
it was good to have lots of laughs together again)
That night we went to Mutual with Sarah and her kids
and made cookies out of yellow cake batter.
Weird, but good.
A must in the South, apparently.
We love the Cobbs!!
The next day:
Shopping in downtown Morganton: historic monument
Being silly

Parade at the Special Needs Center 
 Then we went shooting with Sarah,
daughter of the Cobbs,
who referred a friend that Phil taught and baptized.
They had a range right in their yard!
 It was pretty frickin awesome.

We like her.

 Our last stop in Morganton was Judge's restaurant.
 Tradition Southern BBQ.
Phil got brisket and I got ribs.
Holy crap.
We might go back to NC JUST to eat this food again.
No lie.
The head chef even gave us free dessert!
I just thought the grocery store name was funny.
The pronounce it like "Jingles," not like Spanish for "English". 
And funny sign...apparently Boar's Head is a brand.
Not an actual head of a boar.
  Our last morning in Morganton
we made everyone breakfast to thank them for hosting us!

 We love you Cobb's!!
Thanks for everything!
Alex and Vicky Cobb!
 Sarah, Yates, Alexa, me, Phil, and Garret.
Awesome family, hope we see them again.

Cobb Home. 
 Panorama of their property.

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  1. It's fun reading your blog. Looks like it was a fun trip.