31 March 2013


I've been looking FOREVER for a cute way to display/organize my jewelry. I was struggling to find a way that would be convenient and work for all types of earrings (studs, loops, dangling).
Finally, I found a way to do it!
I bought a gold frame from Walmart, removed the glass, and spray painted the cardboard backing gold (only because it had words on it). Then I glued a piece of lace tightly around the frame where the glass was (so there would be a gap between the lace and the cardboard backing), then three strips of layered lace on that (I only glued along the top portion, so the lace would be loose). Now I can hang the dangling earrings right through the lace, and pin the others on the strips that flare out. I love it!!
I still need to come up with something for my bracelets and necklaces, but it's a good start!