21 March 2014


Reference back to the previous post:
So...we were thinking about buying a house.
We'd been planning on getting pregnant for a while, but nothing had happened yet.
So we felt prompted to move forward with the house.
We closed at the beginning of June.
Early July, my family had a week-long reunion.
I didn't take pictures because I suck.
I had stopped keeping track of my cycles a few months before, 
because it was becoming more discouraging than helpful.
But coming up to the reunion I knew it had been a while, 
so I thought "If I don't start at the reunion, I'm taking a test when I get home."
Reunion was awesome.
On the last day of the reunion, I was feeling REALLY sick.
Like up-all-night-in-the-bathroom sick.
In the morning I threw up, and asked Phil, my dad, and my brother to give me a blessing.
Phil blessed me to take care of myself, and just "slow down"
Everyone in the family (OF COURSE) thought I was pregnant.
I kept thinking "if this is morning sickness, I don't want it!"
I spent most of the day keeping away from people and taking it easy.
Which sucks when you're at a Packard reunion.
Then my (male) cousin got the same symptoms.
Which made me feel better, cuz I was pretty sure HE wasn't pregnant!
So food poisoning.
The next day I felt fine, and we went home.
That day was our fourth anniversary
and I was scheduled to sing the national anthem at the local minor league baseball game.
On the way home from the reunion,
I picked up a test while Phil was at the store grabbing something for the car.
My family was staying at our house that night and going to the game with us.
So we got home, and while I was getting ready for the game I took the test.
I was so excited!
I had taken my fair share of tests before so I was trying to not get too hopeful,
But man I was so excited!
We had dinner and went to the game, and I sang.
Came home, everyone went to bed,
and I told Phil I had an anniversary present for him.
I showed him the test, and he looked at it for a minute and said
"I have no idea what I'm looking at here."
I showed him what it said, he looked at it again, slowly started nodding, and said "OK..."
kind of in a calm way.
I said "Phil, this is the part where you act really excited and kiss me!!"
So he did.
The next week I had a few times when I was eating something and suddenly I didn't feel like eating it anymore. But I never felt nauseous, and never threw up until a few months later when I changed my prenatals. But that was nothing.
I had my first doctor's visit a few weeks later, and turns out I was 8 weeks along!
Due March 8th!

 I few weeks later I got a UTI, which took 3 weeks of antibiotics...
 At my 12-week appointment, the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat for a long time.
Which is SO freaky.
I hate how many people I know COMPLETELY understand that feeling.
So he got the ultrasound out and tried again.
There she was!
(you can see the outline of the head)

 After that appointment, we called my mom and dad, then we went out to eat,
then we went to Phil's mom's and told her and her husband!
We told a few of our close friends and family, and then told Facebook a few weeks after that.
But remember that last post about all the house craziness??
Yep, I was pregnant during all of that.
Talk about hormones.
I felt like I handled it relatively well, but man was I glad to have my life back to normal!

Around 17/18 weeks I started to feel her move a little bit. Barely.
At twenty weeks, right around Halloween-time,
we got to see her up close and personal.

 I felt pretty neutral on the gender idea - I didn't really have any preference or "feeling" of what it was,
but when I saw she was a girl I felt so surprised and I cried a little! I was so excited!
Twenty one weeks
Phil felt her move for the first time that day.
Photo: Phil and Emily
So then I got a little crazy and crafty over the next few weeks.

 Twenty four weeks
 Twenty seven weeks.
I finally got maternity pants right around that time. Bliss.
 I had been staying really active and working out so far,
But right at 28 weeks I tore my ab muscles right under my ribs.
Lots of ice and lots of rest, and no more gym!
I miss working out so bad!
I think this was about thirty four weeks? 
 I found this sleigh crib for a steal on KSL... $50!
 And I made the crib skirt, bumper pads, pillows, and fabric circles to hang on the wall.
 And a nursing cover, carseat canopy, and pacifier clips!
 Thirty six weeks!
A sweet gal in our ward threw me a shower with friends/ward members,
and my awesome sister-in-law Tracy and mother-in-law threw me a family shower!
So many cute clothes and "staples" for the babe!
We finally had our "stuff" together.
Kind of.

Overall, being pregnant was so awesome!
I never felt sick, I stayed busy working all the way up to the week she was born (upcoming post),
and we were even able to get a few vacations in! (another upcoming post)
Besides the ab-tearing, I felt really healthy and strong up until the last few weeks.
I feel like I got way better sleep than I should have, never had heartburn, never got swollen feet...nothin'.
I did have some CRAZY dreams though. Most of them about food.
Loved it.

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