19 December 2010


It's been a long while since I've felt truly and deeply disappointed and heartbroken. Usually when things don't go as planned, I just pick up my boots and keep walking.

Not today.

Twelve hours.
Count 'em.
That's how long I spent preparing the most awesome Christmas lesson ever.

Each young woman would have a packet and scriptures. Read some verses, a quote or two, and answer a question about the Christmas story that she can apply to her life. Listen to hymns about the Savior and think about her relationship with Him.
The only Christmas lesson I can remember from when I was in Young Womens.

So twelve hours. Including staying up until three o'clock the night before to finish up the details.
$6 off my iTunes account for the perfect acoustic songs by Michael Dowdle.
Totally worth it.
I was so excited.

Time for lesson to start. My two youngest Beehives and dear Tori are the only young women in the room (I have eight). Peek out the door, down the hall, no one's there. Wait five more minutes. Peek out the hall. No one's there. Walk around the whole building. Find five young women huddled in a dark corner whispering, trying not to get "caught."

These girls aren't trouble-makers. They come to activities and participate without too much arm-twisting. They're good girls.

So this is heartache. This is how the Savior feels when He offers us the world and we say no thank you. After all He has sacrificed and suffered for us, and we are too busy or distracted to care.

Thank you for understanding, Birthday Boy.


  1. So sorry! I'm sure that it was a wonderful lesson. I wish I could have heard it!

  2. Awww. They sure could've picked a better time to pull a stunt like that. Did you tell their parents?

  3. bummer story! i bet you're awesome in young women's.