04 June 2013


Every time we go to California, I wonder why we don't live there.
Okay, I know why we don't live there,
but we do tend to spend the next few weeks talking about our plan to get there.
Okay, Phil listens to me ramble and whine.

We arrived just in time to feed a couple dozen missionaries lunch in between Saturday conference sessions.
Oh, the memories from my childhood/teenage years.
We enjoyed conference weekend.
Every morning (except one) I woke up and went running on the beach.
Why did I never do that when I lived there?
Cuz I suck, that's why.

This trip, we tried some new things.
Hash House A-Go-Go: BBBLT and bacon-in-a-waffle. Delish.
Kite-fishing on Coronado Island.
It was really windy and worked great!
Phil had never done it before, but this really is the only acceptable way to fly a kite.
Bonfire/foil dinners/ladder golf on the beach.
We soaked up some sun with Annie and her kids for a few hours earlier that day too! Cuz we can.
As always, any day with the Mitchell family is a good day. Terri and Ashley really were some of my best friends in high school, and it always makes me so happy to see them!
And did I mention our foil dinners were garlic butter shrimp and ranch potatoes?!? What?!?
We spent a day up in Irvine/Fullerton, visited the Arboretum(sp?), and then had some pizza with Steve and Stephanie.
Why we didn't take a picture, I'll never know.
But Phil LOVED the ducks.
Per usual.
Mostly I just loved seeing my family!
Especially all the short people.
They make me happy. And baby hungry.
PS that middle picture is Adam's back.
We had some kind of duel throwing something, I can't remember what.
Maybe a bean bag?
Anyways, I kinda nailed him right on his back.
Sorry, kid.
Til next time, California!

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