13 July 2011


I love outdoor cooking. So tonight we got some charcoal going, and roasted up some skewered steak, bell peppers, and tomatoes. Yes, I am ashamed I didn't take pictures, but, trust me, it was phenomenal. The meat was tender and seasoned perfectly, the bell peppers slightly charred on the edges, and the tomato hot and melt-in-your-mouth yummy. We even wrapped a sweet potato in foil and tossed it right in the middle of the coals, and it came out perfectly! Especially after we smothered it in butter and brown sugar. Not too unhealthy if you call it dessert. Then we tossed a frisbee in the backyard, and Phil had to hop the fence a few times, until I started getting eaten alive by killer ants. We rented True Grit from Blockbuster, which was so-so, and now Phil's off playing volleyball and I'm going to bed early.

A much better past few days than I ever could have hoped.

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  1. Sounds lovely...except the killer ants part. Not so good ;)