25 July 2011


So...I survived girls camp! We had such a blast! The girls were great, the stake planned great activities and firesides, and we had almost zero drama! Everyone was helpful when we asked, took care of each other and included each other, and it was just an awesome week in the mountains.
Anyone who knows my family knows we love to eat, we love to camp, and we love to eat GOOD FOOD while we camp. Needless to say, I just couldn't bring myself to delegate the Menu to anyone else on my camp commitee.
Day 1: foil dinners. It had rained that day and the day before, so all the wood was wet and it took forever to get decent coals started, so we had a late start. I felt really bad, until I found out a lot of other wards ate even later than we did. Pineapple upside down cake turned into batter-over-fruit, which actually wasn't too bad if you weren't expecting cake. But kind of a rough start.
Day 2: french toast and sausage for breakfast. A sister in the ward saved us by letting us borrow her three-burner stove. I decided I want one for Christmas. Lunch was pizzas in the dutch ovens. Awesome success. Cafe Rio chicken with cilantro-lime rice for dinner. Yum.
Day 3: breakfast kabobs. For those of you who live in a hole, that's bite-sized bagels, ham, apples, and pineapple dunked in melted butter, rolled in cinnamon sugar, skewered, and roasted over the fire. Divine. The girls had so much fun cooking over fire, and it was fun to see their reactions to cooking a new way. Thanks Mom. Lunch was spaghetti with garlic bread that we also toasted right over the coals, and stew and dutch-oven cornbread for dinner. Yes, with homemade honey butter. We don't mess around. Peach cobbler for desert. Turned out perfectly, tasted amazing, but only like three people ate any. Turns out nobody in Provo likes peaches or cooked fruit?!?!? Confused.
Day 4: breakfast burritos. We had originally planned for dutch oven German pancakes, but we had lots of leftovers and didn't want to wake up at 5:30 if we could help it. Especially by day 4. Sandwiches and leftovers for lunch (which for me turned into an amazing chicken taco salad) and, wait for it, RIBS and sweet potatoes for dinner. Like Phil and I had just done the week before, we built up some amazing coals with a log cabin fire (which we taught to our first years) and literally just threw them in! When I first started the girls started freaking out and asked what the heck I was doing, but then they all wanted to toss them in the fire. Again, VERY fun to watch their reactions. The ribs I started vefore lunchtime, and they just slow-cooked in the dutch ovens all day, with one coals-replacement in the middle. So good, SO worth it. It was Bishopric night, so we needed to impress. Too bad he didn't make it until way after dinner, but we saved him some and it was still so good. Even though I forgot to bring brown sugar, the cinnamon sugar worked really well in its place!
So other than the first night, everyting went really smoothly and tasted delicious! Success in the food department! More to come!

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