28 July 2011


To encourage the girls to stay hydrated and avoid getting sick at the high elevation, the stake instituted its Annual Hydration Challenge. Each ward competed to drink the most liquids per-person by the end of the week. Right after setting up camp, we filled up three 5-gallon coolers of water, lemonade, and Tang, and we re-filled each one at least once throughout the week. We pounded an average of 13 cups a person the first two days, took it easy the third day to recover, and averaged 15 cups a person the last day to try to win it. We thought we for sure had it in the bag, but we NARROWLY missed first place! It was tragic. We cried. We were literally peeing at least ten times a day. And it was so clear you couldn't even tell if you had actually peed or not! We had a night-potty-crew of girls who volunteered to be woken up so no one had to go to the bathroom at night alone. Even now, almost a full week later, any sound of trickling water (washing hands, doing dishes, garden hose) triggers an urgent need to pee. Still.

Lots of fond camp memories. Elise, our ward's only YCL, rallied all the girls and begged and begged them to keep drinking, even after they were sick, and the girls did it for her because they knew she wanted to win so badly! Because we hit our personal goal, we're scheduled for a pizza/cookies party in a few weeks, and I can't wait!

"Because of our hydration, we've had over-urination ALL NIGHT LONG!"

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