27 October 2011


Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a huge Halloween "fanatic."
My mom never liked it, so it was never a big deal at home
and once we turned 12 we weren't allowed to trick or treat anymore
So it never really did anything for me.
For example, my freshman year at BYU in the dorms
Part of the party, but never dressed up.
Then I married into the Leue family,
which loves Halloween more than Christmas, it seems.
So I've had to shrug off my apathy a little bit
and get into the "holiday spirit"
 So I dyed and decorated some pumpkins.
And dressed up as PB&J with my hubby 
 complete with Kool-Aid and Milk mustaches
(cuz Phil likes PB&J with Kool-Aid, apparently)
and pieces of bread taped to our backs to make a sandwich.
 The family party was a blast,
complete with donuts-on-a-string, 
 bobbing for apples,
(Dane tried for about half an hour to get two at a time),
 and a "haunted alley" in the basement that was pretty legit!
Awesome party.
Awesome family.
Okay holiday.
Sue me.

1 comment:

  1. I'm totally a scrooge about Halloween too! I think I could go a whole lifetime without it.