01 January 2011


Friends and Family -

• All grown up and writing Christmas letters. Sigh…

• The first part of the year was spent studying non-stop for my Dental Hygiene boards, and I thankfully passed with help from my teacher Mrs. Knight, Uncle Mark, and of course Phil (patience, back-rubs, doing the dishes, you name it). I was also invited for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sing in April General Conference with the Orem Institute Choir, which was completely amazing. I graduated with Honors from UVU in Dental Hygiene and, after an exhaustingly long summer of job-hunting, finally found an office I love. I feel so lucky to have found a profession that is perfect for me!

• During the summer we played games constantly at the Packard Family Reunion, celebrated our one-year anniversary in Grand Junction, CO horseback riding and river rafting (Phil’s first time doing both), discovered a love for family history work (with the help of, yes, Facebook to connect with distant relatives in posession of pages and pages of names), and moved from our little apartment in Provo to a duplex within our ward boundaries (I have attachment issues). Phil was working in Salt Lake selling phone, internet, and tv services over-the-phone to get me through school, and is happy to be done and focusing on his lifelong passion: cars. He’s getting great grades so far, and even though he misses his work friends, he doesn’t mind being without the long commute. I officiated high school volleyball during the fall, and am just starting the basketball season to keep busy while Phil “studies.”

• Little did I know we would have plenty to keep our hands full. Just as we were getting settled into our new routine, we got called as Young Men and Young Women Presidents in our ward within a week of each other! We no longer call Sundays our “Day of Rest”, but we are having a blast learning to love the youth even more than we did before.

• As newlyweds, we’re constantly learning how to make each other happy. We never could have imagined the experiences we would be put through or the lessons we’d be asked to learn in our marriage. We’re constantly realizing how little we actually know, and are grateful for the reminders to rely on our Savior and seek His guidance and help as we prepare for our future family and the years that lie ahead. We love you all and are grateful for your examples to us, and wish you a Merry Christmas!

Phil and Emily Leué


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  1. Beautiful Christmas Letter:) Merry Christmas to you guys too!