31 January 2011


BUSY. BUSY. BUSY. Basketball season is ending in a few weeks, which means the reffing during the week will be slowing down soon. Club volleyball is just starting, which means the reffing on Saturdays (ALL. DAY. SATURDAY.) will be picking up soon (like, this week). Today (Monday) is my one day off, so I'm soaking. it. up. I seriously may be home for a total of 15 hours this week. Count 'em.

Last Saturday was the regional girl's camp training/workshop for pretty much every one in Provo and Orem who works with the Young Women. Like a thousand women. (Talk about a girl convention). Needless to say, I got SO overwhelmed. I've been without any counselors for about a month now (scratch that, I have one, but she had a baby mid-December and has been MIA since) and everything's just been piling on. Trek and Girl's Camp this summer. Both. Yes, I get to go to both. Yes, I'm excited. Yes, I'm so overwhelmed! At the training they just talked literally for hours about all the things we do at camp and everything everything everything. After each segment we'd break and everyone would turn to each other and share ideas with each other and I was just alone and had to process it all by myself.

Breathe. Next day after church I got a new counselor and a secretary. Finally. Thank you. Met with my camp director Heather, and afterwards felt SO much better. Most of the stuff they talked about planning, etc is the stake's job. Thank you. Mostly I'm just in charge of food and the spiritual stuff at camp. That's all I wanna do.

Now we just need some camp assistant leaders and we're golden!

Sundays like that make me feel so much better!

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