18 January 2011


I just watched a new game show on Fox (online, cuz we don't have cable) called the Million Dollar Money Drop.
 They start with a million dollars in cash, wads of $20K. They're asked multiple choice questions, and place the money on the choice(s) they think is/are right. Wrong answers drop like a trapdoor, with any and all cash they put on that choice, and they keep the money they put on the right answers.
7 questions.

I just followed an episode, and seriously...

I would have won the million dollars.


1 - Most popular restaurant food: Burgers and Fries (duh)
2 - Which patriotic song has the line "from sea to shining sea"?: America the Beautiful (who DOESN'T KNOW THAT??)
3 - Most recent Star Wars movie (of 4 listed): Attack of the Clones (I pay tribute to my ten-year old brother Adam on this one)
4 - How many US states start with the letter A: 4 (Fifty Nifty United States song, c'mon!)
5 - Shortest flight from LAX to Rome, Sydney, or Tokyo: Tokyo (I know my Geography haha)
6 - Most adults spend money on gambling, movies, or video games: GAMBLING (DUH)
7 - Which came first, Filet-O-Fish or Egg McMuffin: Filet (fast food breakfast came late)

Phil was getting so annoyed with me, I kept saying things like
"Oh my gosh, Phil, I should be on this show. I would still have the million dollars."
and late
"I would STILL have a MILLION dollars"
and later

Poor guy. I can be annoying sometimes.

But seriously, I would have won a million dollars.


  1. Ha! I can totally see you saying that over and over :) Cute redesign too.

  2. I TOTALLY feel the same way! I was telling Ben the exact same thing....We'd be millionaires. They have the "show" part figured out though: first of all, they pick annoying couples. Then, the fact that there's 2 people makes it so they're more indecisive. If there was just one person, it would be super easy. And all the answers are things you'd know if you read Wikipedia for a few minutes, or lived in the world for a second... :P